There are many symbols, graphics, and logos that forever will be part of skateboarding. Some of the most iconic graphics come from Santa Cruz Skateboards made by the in-house artist Jim Phillips. The examples are numerous, but Screaming Hand, the Santa Cruz Dot-logo, Rob Roskopp Face, Corey O'Brien Reaper, Rip-Grip, OJ's... and many more graphics stand as eternal markers leaving deep traces in several generations of skateboarders.

At Act in Public, we are proud of our partner Søren Aaby's past as a pro skater for Santa Cruz, with his 'Coat of Arms' and 'Dodo bird’ board graphics from 89 and 91, the love of Santa Cruz Skateboards has not been any less in the last 30 years.

Symbols, graphics, and logos often create a close belonging and a great brand loyalty of many skaters and when that loyalty is created, it is not going to change.

That is also why we are proud of our co-lab with Santa Cruz - some of us will probably skate Santa Cruz for the rest of our lives, because you know how it is, good buddies stick around.