One of the most essential characteristics of friendships is the ability to share and give to others. That’s why many friendships have built-in-karma so tyhe seed you sow early - is the crop you harvest later.

AIP-partner Tobias Plass passing skills to both young and old

Prygl i Parken reunion some years ago

If Søren Aaby, a partner in Act in Public, hadn’t traveled to the US and became a pro skater at Santa Cruz, we would not have been able to offer this new co-lab collection that we have designed together with Santa Cruz. That seed was sowed 30 years ago and is the same one that we harvest today with the new co-lab collection.

AFUK skateboard gymnasium class listening to Søren's story, 2018

The benefits of sowing seeds is an impossibility to see through as a young person, but if older skateboarders should pass a piece of advice on to younger generations, it would be that you should not think how much you can harvest here and now, think how many seeds you can put in the ground instead - go live your life, free from calculated thoughts, forget about those seeds - and just go skate.

One day when you least expect it, the opportunity to reap your efforts of the past suddenly pops up, maybe like this AIPxSCS co-lab... because karma has no deadline.