We wanted to have a signature color to stand out in the crowd as aging skateboarders and fell in love with the light green color, which we call 'Copenhagen Haze'.

'Copenhagen Haze' is inspired by the beautiful old copper roofs in Copenhagen, who turn green when aged, like the founders of Act in Public, who has turned sophisticated grey at the top and using age and the grey hair as a badge of authenticity.

Peers skateboarders can probably remember back in the late ’70s or ’80s if you saw somebody wearing a pair of right worn Vans, instantly they were considered friend potential because they were skaters.

Those days are over, but if the 'Copenhagen Haze' signature color along with the Act in Public brandmark can create just a fraction of the same connection among skateboarders late in life, considered a symbol worn by a future friend sharing your passion, then we have succeeded more than we ever dared to wish for.