About Act in Public

Act in Public is a clothing company with a lifelong passion for skateboarding. 

Since September 2019 we have created a streetwear brand that motivates kindred spirits to keep exercising their passion for skateboarding, regardless of age.

We are basically making products that fills our own needs, as the aging skateboarders we are. Our products are based on quality, style, sustainability and visual aesthetics - all which makes our customers feel and look good.

Getting older, skating less - we still feel the need to signal our relationship with skateboarding. As we like to say "we never really grow up, we only learn how to act in public".

Skating since late '70s and early '80s, we know our community is different than most - filled with free spirit and creativity.

As founding partners of Act in Public we all contributed to the Copenhagen streetwear community - but we earned our authenticity in different ways:

Søren Aaby

Ex-pro skater for Santa Cruz Skateboards with his own signature-models. Former Indy, OJ's, Vans team rider and now an ad agency executive.

Lars Bernt

Former editor of the Danish skateboard mag 'SKATING' and an old skool freestyler. Now a media evangelist, CEO, management professional and sales aficionado.

Jacob Bøegh

Truth is that Jacob has never been a skateboarder. He is the latest partner to join Act in Public... because we need him. Jacob is a 'online tech wizard' with decades of experience.

Jan Nielsen

Danish skatepunk minority, nicknamed Jan 'Janarchy' for a good reason, being unorthodox and anti-authoritarian. Jan is an awarded agency owner and international capacity in graphic design.

Peter van Toorn Brix

Probably Copenhagen’s most mellow longboarder, besides mastering the tension between creative processes and business, both as a creative director and management professional.