If you represents authenticity, you often build trust with other people and make those who flag your logo seem sincere and genuinely cool, which is a rare quality to offer because authenticity is mainly created by these four ingredients:

What you say | what you do | who you are | over time

If you miss one of these four ingredients trying to appear trustworthy, you will automatically lose elements of authenticity. Especially having done your thing in decades can be difficult when time, as you know, takes time. That’s why it's so difficult for young people, who have lived a short life to have a trustworthy authenticity as they haven’t proved their worth over time.

You can claim in advertising to be genuine and experienced, but you can't buy trust. It must be created by others.

Wearing an Act in Public product you will represent four decades of skateboard authenticity in its purest form, as we have added our lifelong experiences and passion for skateboarding into every garment, and pollinated it with our seniority, to hopefully deserve your trust by being a genuinely authentic brand.