On the first Friday of October 2019, we were invited on the most popular morning show on national tv in Denmark 'Go’ Morgen Danmark', for a live conversation about skateboarders past 50.

The 'Go' Morgen Danmark' logo

Act in Public was represented by two of the founders, Søren Aaby and Lars Bernt, who had invited none other than skateboard legend Nicky Guerrero to an exciting talk with the famous Danish tv-host Adam Duvå Hall, about what it's like to continue to skate when you're over 50. 

Søren Aaby, Lars Bernt and Nicky Guerrero in the studio

The entire thing lasted more than ten minutes and started with Nicky skating around the studio doing 360's and kickflips. Then we touched on the fact that we still skate and we can't let it go and what else to do, when we've skated all our lives.

Nicky talked about the 'Legends' competitions that he participates in, such as the Vans Pool Party or Bowl-a-rama on Bondi Beach and how it’s getting harder and harder to compete at a top level once you turn 50.

Nicky Guerrero - Powell-Peralta

Furthermore, we talked about how skateboarding has provided us with cool experiences and about the international community and camaraderie we all have enjoyed for years, being skaters and how skaters back in the days always could recognize each other by wearing Vans.

Søren Aaby - Act in Public

Last but not least, we mentioned that we just had launched Act in Public, our skateboard related clothing brand for people over 40.

Subsequently, did we receive some nice comments and positive responses mostly from both the Danish and Swedish skateboard community recognized us for doing an okay job on the screen, standing up for skateboarders past 50.

Lars Bernt - Act in Public

Thanks for the support and thanks to ‘Go’ morgen Danmark’ for having us.


https://play.tv2.dk/programmer/magasiner/serier/go-morgen-danmark/skateboarding-for-life-199244/ (Paywall)