Most people know the special feeling that comes from meeting good friends that you haven't seen in a long time. After impulsive rejoicing, the conversation often starts where you ended the last time you were together. The roles are defined and if you were the funniest guy in class at school that lable will stick to you when you meet your classmates after years of separation.


Jeff and Søren at Pasatiempo GC

Skaters are not much different. As when Act in Public's co-lab-meeting with Santa Cruz was to be scheduled, Søren Aaby, a partner in Act in Public, met with Santa Cruz's CEO Jeff Kendall and the roles were immediate, as when Jeff and Søren were both pros in the 80s. If you look closely, you may notice some physical features of Jeff and Søren that are similar. That is why Søren has often been nicknamed ‘Euro-Kendall’ and although Søren and Jeff are now both over 50 years old, nothing has changed when they meet.


Søren and Steve Keenan who got him on SCS in '86

It is in the same spirit that we have created our co-lab collection, based on friendship, many years of relationship and although we don't often see eachother, the collection today is a testimony of a close relationship, a common background, and good memories from decades of great experiences together.


Søren and Jeff "Ffej" Hedges, Malmö 2014


Søren and Eric Dressen, Christania 2016