Copenhagen and Santa Cruz both represent world-renowned qualities admired by many tourists.

The Act in Public co-lab with Santa Cruz skateboards is a special lovechild between two great places on this planet. Both cities known as places where people are living the good life with pretty high living standards.


The mood of Santa Cruz on a spring morning is very special - cruising the oceanfront out to the lighthouse - seeing the surfers sitting in the water waiting for the next wave while finding their position in the lineup, is worth travelling for.


But on the other hand, it’s also great to chill in Copenhagen on a warm summer night with happy people in the streets partying - inviting new friends into the arms of the reserved Danes, like we do at Roskilde Festival or during the skateboard competition CPH PRO, is also very special.


This is the atmosphere we have tried to find with our AIPxSCS co-lab and we would like all who likes both Santa Cruz & Copenhagen to show their love to these two amazing places 🌴🇩🇰🏄🏼‍♂️❤️🌲