One might wonder why one of the world's greatest skateboard companies, wants to collaborate with a few months old small Danish clothing brand like Act in Public. 

AIP pres at SCS 2019

The answer is a great idea, shared passion and the fact that we go way back. If it hadn't been for Søren Aaby, former pro skater for Santa Cruz and partner in Act in Public, it would probably have been an impossible dream. But dreams do come true and due to friendship and the lifelong relationship, we are very proud to present our capsule collection with Santa Cruz.


Co-lab or not, the truth is that we just love Santa Cruz and have done it since the 80’s. We love the brand, the people behind, the city, the products, the history and not least, we love the spirit of skateboarding that Santa Cruz represents.

Feel free to share our enthusiasm and join our tribute to friendship and our good buddies in the beautiful coastal town of Santa Cruz, California.


 Aaby Shield coll apr19

Aaby shield top graphic