From 1985-92 AIP co-founder Søren Aaby was riding for Santa Cruz Skateboards, 3 years as full blown pro living in Los Angeles. In ‘93 when vert-skating "officially died" he moved back to his hometown Copenhagen to start a family and get a “real” job. Søren was still skating regularly and he stayed in contact with his sponsor Santa Cruz. He got flowed skate-gear when he needed it… ever since. They just always had his back.

President Bob Denike telling us about another co-lab they did!

Last year we got the idea to ask Santa Cruz Skateboards if they were up for a board-colab with our still to come new Copenhagen based street fashion brand called Act in Public.

Founder Richard Novak at his "flashy" corner-office

Our pitch was short, something like “we will make casual streetwear for ourselves, and the name… well as skateboarders we feel like we never really grow up, we only learn how to act in public… so our brand is called Act in Public

Novak's own original Jim Philips art collection

We presented our ideas to the bosses – and little did we know how much our lifelong loyalty to this company would mean, as they said “good buddies help each other”… and Santa Cruz did not only want to colab on the skateboards, they suggested we make a full “colab capsule” with stylish streetwear as well. Stoked.

So here we are again. Welcome to the 2. part of the co-lab with Santa Cruz Skateboards… we are looking forward to show you the new drop… the Copenhagen Towers Everslick-deck is for sure a trip down memory lane for many kindred spirits out there… no rails, crazy long slides 😎

Manufactured by the original Santa Cruz Skateboards