ACT sweatshirt, Aloe green (oversize)
ACT sweatshirt, Aloe green (oversize)

ACT sweatshirt, Aloe green (oversize)

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Sweatshirt, Aloe green

Crewneck style with a tone-in-tone color-matching logo print. The Aloe green color is a reference to the old cobber-roofs of Copenhagen city.


Our sweatshirts have carefully been selected based on quality, style, and sustainability.
We love the 300-grams organic cotton with the soft brushed fleece inside, as an all-year garment, that keeps you warm and make you stand out in the crowd as well.


Our sweatshirts are collarless pullover styled long sleeves, raglan style, which leaves you with more options for casual use. Relaxed fit but more ‘boxed’ us-style. The Opal Green sweatshirt is pretty big, so you may want to go down one size from your normal size.

Sustainability (GOTS certified)

100% organic Fairtrade cotton is good. All our jersey fabrics are produced free from toxic pesticides and chemicals, using sustainable textile methods, less water consumption, and materials from biologically diverse farming, so we can all act socially responsible