Sweatshirt crewneck, roasted orange
Sweatshirt crewneck, roasted orange
Sweatshirt crewneck, roasted orange
Sweatshirt crewneck, roasted orange
Sweatshirt crewneck, roasted orange

Sweatshirt crewneck, roasted orange

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Sweatshirt, roasted orange

A roasted orange crewneck with a color matching large crest logo print. This might be our favorite autumn piece of the entire collection. It’s dark with references to the falling leaves and captures elements of nature and the colors of the great outdoors.


Our sweatshirts have carefully been selected based on quality, style, and sustainability.

Our basic sweatshirts are inspired by some of the latest developments in the category, but still based on heavy cotton and absorbent fabrics, just as athletes used to wear for warm-up or to induce sweating. We love the 300-grams organic cotton with the soft brushed fleece inside, as an all-year garment, that not just keeps you warm, but makes you stand out in the crowd as well.


Our sweatshirts are collarless pullover styled long sleeves, raglan style, which leaves you with more options for casual use. We added some sleek and modern styling, inspired by the jumper, but still with the respect of a perfect mid-layer for shifting seasons, as an obvious alternative to the more ‘super boxed’ us-styled sweatshirts and the ‘super slim’ fashion styled ones. We’re somewhere in between, leaning into a flexible, but elegant fit.

Sustainability (GOTS certified)

100% organic Fairtrade cotton is our starting point and all our jersey fabrics are produced free from toxic pesticides and chemicals, using sustainable textile methods, less water consumption, and materials from biologically diverse farming, so our customers can act socially responsible in public.

Fitting guide

All our sizes are true to size, but for a more urban look, we suggest that you bump it a size up or just keep it as it was meant to be, by just order the same size that you usually use.

Our model is wearing size large and claims to be 186 cm or just above 6 feet, especially in nightclubs.

We use environmentally friendly packaging made from recycled cardboard, marked with the German eco-label Rezy.

Package tape
We use environmentally friendly PP Acrylic package tape, environmentally friendly in both glue and tape.